100 Pittsburgh bars to add to your bucket list

How many can you check off?

Rossilynne Culgan – theincline.com – Feb. 24, 2018

Pittsburgh has *a lot* of bars — the most per capita of any city in America.

The city boasts 12 bars per 10,000 people, at least according to this 2013 ranking (it appears rankings haven’t been released more recently, so we’re going to assume were still No. 1 — you know, city of champyinz).

But this embarrassment of riches means navigating the city’s bar scene can be a challenging feat. We broke down the most essential bars, from grungy dives to swanky cocktail lounges, shot-and-a-beer joints to hipster havens. We focused solely on bars within the city limits (we’re sorry, Homestead and Millvale, you just missed the cut), and we tried to exclude bars within restaurants except for absolute must-visit places.

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